As many people who truly know me will tell you I am obsessed by the world of film, from watching the latest releases to running an indispensable film guide on facebook, too having recently set up Cheltenham Film Club.

But now I am embarking on a new and totally different kind of challenge to which I have heard people recently say “cannot be done and is…total madness!

So starting January 1st I will be watching ascending order and all within one year ‘the entire’ of what many film lovers consider to be the Holy Grail of film lists, the IMDB Top 250 – http://www.imdb.com/chart/top

Also if that wasn’t enough he said! I will also be aiming to watch 115 new releases at the Cinema, well I watched 82 in 2010 so this part should be easy! So 365 films in 365 days can it be done!?

I have employed a multitude of viewing options to aid me in my quest these being my own DVD collection, TV, streaming via Love Film on the PS3, iTunes and of course not forgetting….the Cinema!

So please join me as I embark on this adventure by tracking my progress and subscribe to my first ever blog! which I have specifically created for the challenge ahead and to which I will post a mini review after viewing each film.

Wish me luck……




9 Responses to About

  1. Tobi says:

    Very nice 🙂
    I’m basically doing the same right now (together with my girlfriend). But only with IMDB’s Top 250. I guess this is hard enough ^^

    So I will subscribe to your blog to find out if you will succeed 🙂
    But you seem to be on a good way. How many did u see so far? 24?

    We’re stuck at #14 at the moment. Stupid exams…

    Cheers, Tobi 🙂

    • hintstar says:

      Hi Tobi, Thank you for your comment and subscribing to the Blog and yes your right the IMDb 250 is hard enough on it’s own, but being I have a major passion for film I thought I would go all in and make it even harder!

      I am on a total of 24 of the 365 so far but there’s a long road ahead….

      Are you blogging your details along the way? If so let me know me and I will follow you on your quest!



      • Tobi says:

        Hey there…

        Yes I’m blogging too and also pushing my progress on twitter.
        imdbchallenge.wordpress.com and on twitter: @imdbchallenge

        Unfortunately I’m doing the whole review stuff in german. But maybe you still want to have a look at our blog. At least the ratings on a scale from 1 to 10 are international 😉 And we’re also planning to switch to english at some point (probably august).

        Well good luck with your challenge. I will definetely follow your progress!

  2. Louise says:

    Good luck with the challenge. It’s the kind of thing I keep telling myself I’m going to do, but never actually end up managing. Hope the year goes well.

  3. Louise says:

    Oops – meant to say Steve – are you on Twitter?

  4. Hi Louise, Thank you for taking the time to check out my Blog and for your kind comments.

    The challenge is defintely worth doing and is very enjoyable if very very time consuming and means lots of late nights! But as a whole I recommend you doing one especially if you have a passion for something as it become easier.

    I am indeed on Twitter @hintstar so please follow me if you wish to keep tabs on my progress! and I shall of course follow you back!

  5. Noticed we had a similar reaction to “Win Win” over at Nostra’s site, anyway, thought I’s pop by and say hi, and just say good luck with your ambitious challenge. I’ll follow your progress! You mentioned Barney’s Version was worthwhile, I agree, and will review that film soon

    from Chris, moviesandsongs365

    • Thank you ever so much for checking out my Blog and then becoming an email subscriber, it’s much appreciated.

      I have checked out and subscribed to your Blog and congratulations you have ton of wealthy stuff going on there, which is all laid out in a very clean format.

  6. K.D. says:

    I completed more than 75 out of IMDB list……. I watched more than 200 films in last 5 months..

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