‘1 Man 365 Films 365 Days’ – Day 299

#279/ 365 – ‘Paranormal Activity 3′ – 84 mins
Cinema Challenge #112 / 115

In 1988, intrigued by seemingly supernatural incidents connected with Katie and Kristi, two young sisters, Dennis, their stepfather, begins video-recording in their home. Disturbing events ensue.

Catfish (which I’ve still to watch) filmmakers Henri Joost and Ariel Schulman do a great job of making the third instalment in this popular horror franchise, just as genuinely frightening as in the previous two outings.

Just like before you’ll find yourself watching all corners of the screen, looking for the slightest sign of something…unusual to happen.

The effects are slightly more effective from this time around, and only break down a couple of times with some obvious digital trickery. As the film plays out, the first 70 minutes are all too familiar. It’s the same story, only 20 years prior and this is where the films major flaw lies. Though this Paranormal does hit home within its last ten minutes. Where the second movie plot-wise, had a neat ending, it felt all too flat, this movie does land a real punch at the end.

With Paranormal Activity 3 reportedly making $million at the box office in its opening weekend to make it the largest horror release of all time, its inevitable Paranormal Activity 4 will happen. Though I can’t help but wonder where the story will go without any freshness in its story. Maybe its time to retire the series on a high before gets all to nauseating, like the Saw franchise.

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