‘1 Man 365 Films 365 Days’ – Day 196

The studio that ushered in a whole new level of groundbreaking animation for a whole new era….

#155 / 365 – ‘Toy Story’ (1995) – 77 mins
IMDb Challenge #92 / 250 – Ranked #149 – Via DVD Collection

Life is perfect for cowboy Woody. All the toys in the room look up to him and he is Andy’s favorite toy. Then a birthday present is unwrapped: Buzz Lightyear, an action figure in a space suit who believes he’s on a mission to save a planet. It doesn’t take long for Buzz to win the affections of everyone, and for Woody to strike up a rivalry with Buzz. But when the two are trapped in the neighborhood bully’s house, they must learn to overcome their differences in order to reunite with their owner.

One of my all-time animated favourites that still continues to dazzle me with every viewing. So what can be said about the first full length animated feature that started off this tremendous magical journey for Pixar back in 1995, and the one story that has charmed and warmed the hearts of millions around the globe, at least once.

We all know with every Pixar release the animated CGI is exquisite to the eye and even here 16 years after Toy Story release, nothing has changed and nothing feels dated. However, and as Pixar has proved time and time again, the strength of their movies will always depend on the quality of the story and the screenplay and here there’s constant invention within the script, which finds a perfect balance with those visuals.

There is no let up in the pace of the film and at no moment do you feel a scene is stretched too far, but you do want the adventure to continue past it’s short runtime of 77 minutes. I love the fantastic references to Alien, Star Wars, Back To The Future and the Simpsons, and I’m sure you pick up more and more with each viewing. Toy Story also gave birth to some of the coolest characters of the modern animated era in Woody, Buzz and Co, and at no point do they feel annoying, unlike in some animated features. Backing up these characters are the supreme voice talents of Tom Hanks and Tim Allen.

Toy Story went onto spawn two sequels, in Toy Story 2 and 3 with both films to be genuinely better than their predecessors, joining a very rare club indeed. As I scan my IMDb list as I type, I’m dismayed that Toy Story 2 doesn’t even rank, but then gleam when Toy Story 3 does at #26.

There is nothing but positives in my review of John Lasseter’s animated classic, because quite simply I cannot find any negatives within the picture – and as Sid Phillips the villain in Toy Story, shrieks “The toys! The toys are alive!” – means they’ve got a friend in me.

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