‘1 Man 365 Films 365 Days’ – Day 187

#143 / 365 – ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’ (2002) – 161 mins
Cinema Challenge #58 / 115

Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts School for his second year, but is warned by a mysterious creature that danger awaits him at the school. Malevolent voices whisper from the bloodied walls. When every one suspects that it is Harry, the trio then set out to find the culprit and but uncover something than they bargained for.

Time for day two of the Film Club Harry Potter marathon (where we have own potter queen who is truly knowledgable on all things Hogwarts, Vicky) and in terms of box office revenue ($6 billion) the most successful franchise in film history.

Having introduced us to the world of bewitching wizardry of Mr. Potter in the Philosophers Stone there is no need to explain his back story as much this time around. Chris Columbus returning to the directors in his second Potter outing weaves his magic wand in other areas, mainly the production design and the vastly improved effects that are integrated into the intriguing and darker narrative – the subterranean spiders which impressively haunt out inside a huge atmospheric amphitheatre, the gigantic slithering snake which inhabits the chamber and the Whomping Willow tree.

The Chamber of Secrets brims with new ideas and inventions and despite the mammoth 161 minute running time the story never wilts, meaning this wizardry ride is fun and exciting and leaves you eagerly leaves awaiting chapter three.

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