‘1 Man 365 Films 365 Days’ – Day 173

#131 / 365 – ‘Bridesmaids’ – 125 mins
Cinema Challenge #53 / 115

Annie’s (Kristen Wiig) life has become a bit of a mess. With a failed bakery business behind her, she now has a job in a jewellery shop. The only people she can confide in are her mother (Jill Clayburgh) and best friend, Lilian (Maya Rudolph). But now Lilian has announced that she’s marrying her boyfriend and Annie simply must be the maid of honour. Suddenly, our miserable, emotionally needy heroine finds herself in charge of four new friends – Disney-loving Becca (Ellie Kemper), drunken housewife Rita (Wendi McLendon-Covey), overweight motormouth Megan (Melissa McCarthy) and wealthy perfectionist Helen (Rose Byrne), who’s determined to be Maid of Honour herself.

All credit goes to its rising star here Kristen Wiig with some amazing facial expressions, for crafting a refreshing pin-sharp script of comedy gold, that features one of the best gross-out toilet humour gags of recent years. Bridesmaids can’t maintain such a high level of humour over its course of 125 minutes, but when its game is on, it explosively happens, you should have heard the guy behind us, I didn’t know it was possible for one person to make very humorous sounds like that.

Whilst the trailer portrays Bridesmaids as being the female version of the Hangover, it isn’t – queue the predictable romantic subplot ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ played by the brilliant Chris O’Dowd. But in terms of the antics these bridesmaids prove they aren’t all frilly girlie and can get down just as dirty as the boys, which makes this comedy with a soft heart, the second best of the year – it’s just damn funny. Like, really funny.

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