‘1 Man 365 Films 365 Days’ – Day 168

#127 / 365 – ‘Gandhi’ – 188 mins
IMDb Challenge #78 / 250 – Ranked #184 – Via DVD Collection

Mohandas K Gandhi (Sir Ben Kingsley), an Indian lawyer working in South Africa, returns home to the conclusion that the British have made his countrymen second class citizens. He begins non-violent protests, becomes the leader of the nation, and leads his people to freedom.


Winner of eight Academy Awards in 1982 (including best film, best director and best actor) Richard Attenborough’s epic biopic of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is painted on a sweeping beautiful canvas that I pretty much hold in the same light as David Leans, ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ and the grand cinematography is none more evident when at Gandhi’s funeral (following the opening assassination sequence) scene where 300,000 extras were used to create this one sumptuous shot.

Sir Ben Kingsley excels in his performance has the unassuming hero set across five decades and its a role he absorbs so greatly, the film will always deserve to be seen for this alone. Whilst Gandhi is an informative and enjoyable movie and watching it is certainly an education on the great man of peace himself, it is not without its flaws – many of them down to the poor explanation of its secondary characters, which I guess Attenborough simply had no time for full development because he had his hands full on bringing such an epic political tale to life, which he started digesting twenty years before in 1962.

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