‘1 Man 365 Films 365 Days’ – Day 148

Ok after last weeks paltry tally of only four films! and a truly brilliant weekend away in London to watch the Champions League final – it was time to push on with the challenge….

#112 / 365 – ‘The Kid’ – (1921) 50 mins
IMDb Challenge Challenge #70 / 250 – Ranked #170 – Via iTunes

Desperate, Edna leaves her child in a limo with a note – she’s going to kill herself. Charlie rescues the child and cares for it, but five years later Edna has become a famous opera singer and she demands the child be returned to her. Lots of kidnap ensues until father and son are reunited.

The opening title reads, “A comedy with a smile–and perhaps a tear” – and that is exactly what you get in this simple tale of the Tramp and the Orphan, the tear comes in the heartbreaking scene in which the kid (Jackie Coogan) cries and calls out to Charlie from the back of the orphanage truck, whilst the best comedy comes from the breaking and selling window panes moment.

‘The Kid’ was Charles Chaplin’s first feature-length picture and one that he used as a pedestal to show off his sheer brilliance as a filmmaker and for me its this magic that he continued sprinkle throughout his very fine career, to make him a great pioneer of the golden age of cinema.

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