1 Man 365 Films 365 Days – Day 143

111 / 365 – ‘Blitz’ – 106 mins
Cinema Challenge #42 / 115

Serial killer Barry Weiss (Aiden Gillen), known as ‘Blitz’ to the media, likes to murder police officers. Chasing him are two new partners – Brant (Jason Statham) and Nash (Paddy Considine) a by-the-book officer who prefers to remain above the fray. These two must put aside their differences to chase down Blitz before he fulfills his promise to kill eight of their colleagues. Muddying the waters is the hack crime reporter Dunlop (David Morrissey). As the man in the media that Blitz has chosen to contact, he feels that he has a stake in the case. Meanwhile Brant, no stranger to getting his hands dirty, cuts a swathe of destruction across London in pursuit of his quarry. But when Blitz is finally tracked down, secrets emerge which change everything.

Ok let’s be honest, we all know what to expect from a Jason Statham vehicle – A basic script mixed some good action scenes, with the bald tough guy snarling his way through the dialogue whilst beating everyone up, but it’s a typecast role he’s brilliantly good at.

His latest ‘Blitz’ is no exception, where he’s back on British soil playing a hard-as-nails copper growling un-PC lines one after another that it leaves you smirking with glee. Aidan Gillen is terrific as the unhinged serial killer and is fascinating to watch, whether he’s dancing around the streets of London or calmly sitting beside a bloodied corpse watching daytime quiz shows. David Morrissey is good as the tabloid reporter as is Paddy Considine playing the gay cop, but both are completely underused.

Blitz is watchable for 70 mins but then loses itself within its final thirty with no ground to run on and fills this wasted time with some needless scenes and sub-plots, but overall thanks to some great performances and effective use of London locations it is entertaining, if more for its characters rather than story.

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