‘1 Man 365 Films 365 Days’ – The First 100 Films

Hi everyone, yesterday with ‘Star Trek’ (2009) I achieved a mini milestone! by watching the 100th film in the challenge! – So with the *face filled with fear* I only have another 265 to go!

I just wanted say a big thank you to my email subscribers and people who take the time to check out my Blog, it means a lot to me that you do and makes my quest even more worthwhile, also if anyone wants to make any comments on the films I Blog please do as it would be interesting to hear what your views on them are and if any are your favourites.

At work today where everyday we both hold any discussion on the challenge, Jennie a friend of mine pointed out and emailed me the following ‘pep talk’ and what I need to do in order to succeed in the challenge! – “Right, by August 31st you need to be on 150 IMDB films and 75 cinema films, bring you to a total of 225 and leaving you with 140 to watch September – December (35 a month). If you don’t make this target, you probably won’t make the end of year target either. This means though that you have 107 days to watch 125 films, 37 of which have to be at the cinema. This is your mission if you choose to accept it…”

A few silly statistics – 100 films = 11422 minutes = 190 hours = 7.93 days = 62 IMDb \ 38 Cinema

I have also taken a moment to reflect on these first 100 films and give you a rundown of my Top 10 so far….and the worst!

The Top 10 – they are ranked in no particular order! and are purely the films I would enjoy over and over again.

1. ‘Kick-Ass’ (2010) – 16th January
2. ‘Sleuth’ (1972) – 13th February
3. ‘True Grit’ (2010) – 16th February
4. ‘Manhattan’ (1979) – 11th March
5. ‘Stalag 17’ (1953) – 17th April
6. ‘The Philadelphia Story’ (1940) – 21st April
7. ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’ – 26th April
8. ‘La Strada’ (1954) – 12th May
9. ‘Good Will Hunting’ (1997) – 13th May
10. ‘The Hustler’ (1961) – 15th May

And then the worst, where I hope I never ever have to encompass such total rubbish again!

1. ‘In the Mood for Love’ (2000) – 7th January
2. ‘The Way Back’ (2010) – 9th January
3. ‘A Christmas Story’ (1983) – 15th January
4. ‘The Green Hornet’ (2010) – 24th January
5. ‘Barry Lyndon’ (1975) – 19th February
6. ‘Persona’ (1966) – 10th April
7. ‘Your Highness’ (2010) – 13th April
8. ‘Red Riding Hood’ (2010) – 18th April
9. ‘Fanny and Alexander’ (1982) – 26th April
10. ‘The Night of the Hunter’ (1955) – 13th May

Thanks, Steve

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