1 Man 365 Films 365 Days – Day 66

#46 / 365 – ‘Unknown’ – 113 mins
Cinema Challenge #20 / 115

Imagine you’ve woken from a coma to find that another man has stolen your identity so thoroughly that even your wife doesn’t recognise you.

That’s the reality facing Dr Martin Harris (Liam Neeson) in the action thriller Unknown. After a car accident in Berlin, Martin lapses into a coma. On awakening, he finds himself alone, exhausted and on the run from mysterious assassins. His wife Elizabeth (January Jones) doesn’t believe what he says, and the authorities are backing the man who claims to be him. His only ally is a secretive woman (Diane Kruger), who warns him to trust no one. As Harris is pulled further into the deadly mystery, he is forced to question his own sanity, and to wonder just how far he will go to uncover the truth.

How Liam Neeson went from being a perfect leading-man of a character-actor to a full-on action star while still keeping his artistic integrity is a mystery, which he does here again and hot on the tails of his 2008 cult hit ‘Taken’ – to which by the time he yells “I’m Martin Harris!” for about the 400th time, you’ll believe he is.

So in a nutshell, if you throw into the mix a bit of Bourne and fold in with Taken you will be severed up Unknown, with an edge of sophistication in the mystery thriller stakes – where director Collet-Serra (‘Orphan’) proves very accomplished in the action sequences.

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