‘1 Man 365 Films 365 Days’ – Day 18

#17 / 365 – ‘Conviction’ – 107 mins
Cinema Challenge #6 / 115

Betty Anne Waters (Hillary Swank) a high school drop-out embarks on an 18-year quest for justice by tirelessly putting herself through law school in a bid to free her brother Kenny Waters (Sam Rockwell) from prison, who has been wrongly convicted of murder.

Based on a true story (this one from 1983) films can only go down the one route, the predictably one and it’s no different here where it’s hard to avoid being it least five minutes ahead of pivotal scenes. However that said this is not a bad film and you can draw a lot from the inspirational drama on offer as it takes you on a roller coaster of emotions throughout, as Betty Anne and Kenny show the truly unbreakable brother and sister bond they have.

The real success though lies in its strong dramatic performances, Swank throws her heart and soul into this playing another real life person role (Amelia Earhart ‘Amelia’, Brandon Teena, ‘Boys Don’t Cry’), Minnie Driver is engaging as Betty Anne’s best friend. Special mention should be given to Juliette Lewis who is outstanding with the limited screen time she has playing a haggard ex-girlfriend of Kenny’s. The one that shines throughout is Sam Rockwell as he displays a rawness by giving us many different emotional feelings.

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