‘1 Man 365 Films 365 Days’ – Day 4

Tonight it was the weekly Cinema meeting with friends from Film Club and on the agenda was….

#5 / 365 – ‘127 Hours’ (15) 94 mins
Cinema challenge #2 / 115

Last year, Director Rodrigo Cortés gave us a truly innovative film about one persons genuine anguish in a given situation with ‘Buried‘, this year Director Danny Boyle presents ‘127 Hours’ and takes us into another stratosphere.

The story is based on the remarkable 2003 true story of American mountain climber Aron Ralston and is remarkable will to survive after getting trapped under a boulder, isolated in the mountains of Utah.

A lot as been made about a certain given scene and yes whilst it’s an hugely important one it’s far from what the film is about.

There are two things that make this film the first class adventure that it is. Danny Boyle’s excellence in capturing that true essence of emotional human drama that was very much evident in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ whilst literally putting you in the seat of Aron Ralston’s despair.

James Franco’s is an Actor who we don’t see blasé across our screens everyday because he chooses his projects with care and detail, and to me he is one who is a class of his generation and is very much up there with the likes of DiCaprio. It is going to be very difficult to pick the Oscar for Best Actor at this years Academy Awards as there have been some unforgettable performances over the last year, well you can now throw another one into the mix.

I cannot stress enough why you should see ‘127 Hours’ and right now, I guarantee it’s a truly immersive experience you will never forget.

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