‘1 Man 365 Films 365 Days’ – Day 3

#4 / 365 – ‘Sherlock, Jr’ (1924) (U) 45 mins
IMDB Challenge #3 / 250 – Via LoveFilm

This film was another first for me and when you truly think about how many films you have actually watched in the history of Cinema then it suddenly dawns on you, “you have barely scratched the surface”

The film opens up to – There is an old proverb which says: “Don’t try to do two things at once and expect to do justice to both.” and this is what exactly Buster Keaton tries to do whilst working as movie theatre projectionist he dozes off and finds himself playing the detective in a mystery movie.

There are two standout scenes in this short silent feature of 45 minutes to which not a single second is wasted. The 13 ball explosive pool game is just mesmerizing along with the last scene of where Buster peers through the window in the projection booth and imitates the film actor for tips on how to kiss his girl, brings a tear to your eye along with joys of laughter.

I wish I had watched this film earlier in my life because believe me it is an absolute gem of a film from master film-maker, Buster Keaton in that golden silent era of Hollywood.

This film may only have 7297 votes on IMDB well it as just got 7298.

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