Hello world!

As many people who truly know me will tell you I am obsessed by the world of film, from watching the latest releases to running an indispensable film guide on facebook, too having recently set up Cheltenham Film Club.

But now I am embarking on a new and totally different kind of challenge to which I have heard people recently say “cannot be done and is…total madness!

So starting January 1st I will be watching ascending order and all within one year ‘the entire’ of what many film lovers consider to be the Holy Grail of film lists, the IMDB Top 250 – http://www.imdb.com/chart/top

Also if that wasn’t enough he said! I will also be aiming to watch 115 new releases at the Cinema, well I watched 82 in 2010 so this part should be easy! So 365 films in 365 days, can it be done!?

I have employed a multitude of viewing options to aid me in my quest these being my own DVD collection, TV, streaming via Love Film on the PS3, iTunes and of course not forgetting….the Cinema!

So please join me as I embark on this adventure by tracking my progress and subscribe to my first ever blog! which I have specifically created for the challenge ahead and to which I will post a mini review after viewing each film.

Wish me luck……


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One Response to Hello world!

  1. Pam Paradise says:

    Great challenge for a film freak! Look forward to following your progress on this blog

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